Howdy please call me Kat. I am the eye and creative spark behind the camera at Katrina Young Photography.

Now a little about me and what inspired me to become the photographer I am today. I am the mum to two crazy yet super awesome girls and they are the ones who helped reignite the spark I had for photography.

I have had the passion for photography since High School. I spent many a day sitting alone in the darkroom pouring all of my, what's now been termed "creative freakiness", into my art.  It wasn’t until after my two girls were born that I thought it was about time to pursue the desire to start my own business and bring my passion to you.

Photography is an art and I love nothing more then spending time with people and helping create their own personal pieces of art for them to hang on their walls.

Being a wife and mother myself, I understand how important it is to cherish every moment. Children grow so fast and are always changing so it's so important to stop and take time to remember them and their smile, their quirks, their innocence (and their missing teeth).

I love meeting new faces and being able to capture the special moments between you and your loved ones.

Take a moment to get comfy and have a browse through the some of beautiful images I have created for
some of my amazing clients.

Please drop me a line anytime to discuss your next session or stop by and say hi on Facebook.

Kat xx